Gottberg Brew Pub – Columbus

gottberg2Certainly worth the 1 – 2 hr drive from Lincoln or Omaha, there exists a unique oasis in east central Nebraska. Duster’s Restaurant & The Gottberg Brew Pub offers a refreshing appeal to locals and visitors alike in the city of Columbus. Very cool to find a microbrewery in a midwest city with a population just under 25,000.

The unique design of the Gottberg Brew Pub reflects the areas agricultural background, with its tractor seat bar stools and grain bin ceiling. The Brewery offers fresh Lagers and Ales on tap, as well as Dusters’ own hand-crafted Root Beer and Creme Soda.

They focus on brewing quality not quantity, small batches of hand-crafted beers. Their dedication to excellence is the number one reason why their beers have become a Nebraska favorite!

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