Bald Eagles in Nebraska

Even in the cold, February and March is a great time to get out and see Bald Eagles wintering in Nebraska. Several locations along the Missouri River are reporting eagles including locations near Gavin’s Point Dam by Yankton.

We have personally viewed eagles this last weekend (Feb. 20th – 22nd) at Johnson Lake near Lexington and several small lakes along I-80 near Grand Island.

Nothing cooler than watching these birds snatch a full size fish near the edge of the ice out on the lakes. Truly an awesome sight.

A few words of advice. . .

1. Show respect for the birds

  • Give them space ( view from a distance)
  • Do not hunt ( it is illegal, and also an American Treasure)
  • Show respect for private and public lands. (Ask for permission on private property)

Follow these simple rules for a great viewing experience!



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