Wilderness Park Bike & Hike Trails

The Park runs north and south for several miles along Highway 77 in west Lincoln. There are several trailheads where you can park and start from. Please remember some trails are shared by hikers and bikers, so exercise caution when riding. A Hybrid or Trail (mountain) Bike is best here. There are some small, hilly areas but nothing very difficult. Small stumps and tree roots occasionally dot the trails. The paths are pretty clean, but tire liners, puncture resistant tubes or slime should be considered.

Most bikers access Wilderness Park at the parking lot located near 1st & Pioneers Blvd, to the East of the Salt Creek bridge. The trail goes south from that point, and is multi-use for approximately the first 1.5 miles. Bikes cross the bridge at approx. 1.5 miles and continue south on the mountain bike trail. (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

The mountain bike trail ends in a parking lot on South 14th Street, about a mile North of Saltillo road. A shared bike/hike trail continues from 14th street, Southeast to 27th and Saltillo Road. This trail is located to the East of the parking lot, just across 14th street from the lot entrance. The Wilderness Park bike trail is approximately 10 miles long one-way.

Bridge 1Due to costly repairs, The bike bridge in the middle of the park has remained closed for several years, but plans are in the works to reopen sometime in 2013.  This bridge links the west side of the park with the east side.

For now, there is an alternate route continuing south, however you can not cross over to the west side of Salt Creek were the western trail head is located.

Important Notes Of Interest

There are NO restrooms, or drinkable water in the park. Be Prepared!
In several spots you can link up with the Jamaica North Rails to Trails, which in turn heading south turns into the Homestead Trail which continues approximately 35 miles to Beatrice, NE.

This is the trailhead at Pioneers Blvd
Plug this address into your GPS, Mapquest

402 Pioneers Blvd
Lincoln, NE 68502

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