Bike Trails in Nebraska

Homestead Trail near Roca

Homestead Trail near Roca

When the weather is nice, take advantage of the outdoors in Nebraska on two wheels! We’ve posted this article with links for places to go biking in the great state. This includes Trail Riding, and Mountain Biking. Omaha and Lincoln both offer some great paved biking paths in each city. Omaha has the Keystone Trail, while Lincoln has the Antelope, Rock Island and Billy Wolff trails for some long distance rides.

The link below includes many of the best trails throughout Nebraska. Most areas offer maps online or you can pick one up when you get there if it is a State Park or Recreation Area.
Bike Trails in Nebraska

Several communities outside of Lincoln and Omaha have dedicated areas to Trail Riding and Mountain Biking in recent years. Norfolk to Valentine, Stanton, Curtis, Scottsbluff, Brownsville & Fremont all have Mountain Bike trails close to these communities, and offer easy to advanced rides.

The Cowboy Trail from Norfolk to Valentine is fast becoming a nationally known cross country trail to bikers.

E-Bikes in Nebraska:

E-bikes are quickly becoming popular in metropolitan areas as well as Trail and Mountain Biking area. Some states and national areas have allowed E-Bikes, but leave it to local jurisdictions to allow them in their counties, cities, towns or parks. Be mindful, and follow local laws or rules governing E-Bikes.

A note of interest:

Three places not mentioned that are certainly worthy as very good off road biking areas in Nebraska;

Wildcat Hills, Scottsbluff
Wilderness Park, Lincoln

Camp Calvin Crest, Fremont

All of these areas offer great riding. Wildcat Hills is more difficult, but beautiful scenery as you look down on Scottsbluff and the surrounding area. Wilderness Park is not difficult, as I mentioned in an earlier article on our site, but a longer ride out and back, and conveniently located to Lincolnites. Calvin Crest is subject to days and weather that it is open. Call ahead. Any of these, if you go out on a weekday, traffic is considerably less on the trails.


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