Uptown Brewery


Excellent food and a great atmosphere in Stanton, NE. A must visit if you live in Nebraska or traveling through the eastern part of the state.

“Located in a famous landmark building built by the Storz Brewing Company, it has served as a barrel house, warehouse, feed storage, package store and numerous restaurants. It became the home of Uptown Brewery on November 9th, 2001”. ¹

A great selection of food, and not what you normally find in small town Nebraska. The menu pictured below is not the real one. Notice the name of the Steakhouse. “Back Roads” Steakhouse. . . stopping here was meant to be! The normal menu has a much larger selection, and if you love steak you have to have a Ribeye here. BTW, their Prime Rib is excellent too.


The movie “Nebraska” was partially filmed in the restaurant and was released to theatres in October, 2012. Starring Bruce Dern and Stacy Keach. You can visit the omaha.com release article at the following link.


Last, but not least we’d like to say thank you to Rosalyn for her charm, inviting us to browse around, and providing information during a busy time for her.


footnotes: 1 – article taken from uptown brewery website with permission of the owners.


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  1. This was a great place to visit! I loved the art work displayed there! Wow, unbelievable they had Monet’s.

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