To Far North – Fort Calhoun


Drive north of Omaha on Highway 75 about 9 miles and you will find this delightful Nebraska Wine & Beer tasting spot. What a great place and friendly too. Sandy Kucera was a great hostess as we sampled several wines, and learned about the history of Fort Calhoun and the area from local patrons visiting her while we were here.

The historic brick building was built in 1904 by the Metz Brothers Brewing Company and served as a Saloon. As you enter the building there is a really cool round compass rose on the sidewalk, and on the south side of the building is an old, faint hand painted sign for Metz Beer. The building has a storied past, but we can’t tell you more, you’ll have to visit Sandy for all the details!

Visit their facebook page. If you want  good knowledge about Nebraska Wines, go here. They do a great job of updating information and offering the best of what Nebraska has to offer. A really neat Wine Shop!

111 North 14th Street, US HWY 75 – Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway
Downtown Fort Calhoun, NE 68023
(402) 468-9463

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