Ogallala to Scottsbluff – Ash Hollow, Jailhouse Rock, Courthouse Rock & Chimney Rock

Take Highway 61 north out of  Ogallala. Here you have two options, take a left or west to Highway 26 and drive around the south side of Lake McConaughy and continue to Ash Hollow, or go right and continue on Highway 61 across the dam until you meet Highway 92. Take a left or west on 92 and continue along the north side (and beautiful drive) of the Lake. You are now on the Western Trails Scenic and Historic Byway. At the end of the Lake you meet up with Highway 26 again. You can turn left or south on 26 and backtrack to Ash Hollow. Here you’ll see where wagon trains left there mark and other Pioneer history.

Head back north on Highway 26 to Lewellen, where you will continue on Highways 26 & 92 into Bridgeport. Here, if you’re adventurous, travel the few mile south of Bridgeport and climb up to Jailhouse & Courthouse Rock. Back to Bridgeport you an continue west on Highway 92 (26 splits off to the north side of the river) all the way to Scottsbluff. Be sure to visit Chimney Rock our most famous landmark before you get to Gering – Scottsbluff. Be sure to get there before 5:00pm. the visitor centor closes then. From there a straight shot on Highway 92 into Gering.

Places to stop:

Lewellen: The Most Unlikely Place – Great food and atmosphere.
Oshkosh : Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffee – Hawaiian Coffee roasted in Nebraska. Very Good.

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