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Nebraska is one of those places that when you fly over, you see cornfields and crop circles for the most part, or you drive East to West on I-80 and you see miles of corn, Grain Elevators in small towns every 8 – 10 miles, and the Platte River flowing along your south side. Ahhh. . . but Nebraska has much more to offer than that.

That stretch of I-80 river valley that you can only see 10 or so miles to each side has so much more past that. There are Sand Dunes in the north central part from an era millions of years ago, Dinosaur Fossils in several dig sites including a Museum that houses several huge Mastadons from an era gone by. Small mountains and surreal rock formations in the northwestern part of the state near Chadron offer beautiful scenery, hiking, biking and sightseeing. You can hike along a ridge overlooking the Missouri river near Brownsville where Lewis and Clark once stood. Stop in Ogallala at Front Street and see where cowboys once roamed. Or stop in North Platte and see the ranch of Buffalo Bill Cody. Oh . . . and enjoy some of the best homecooked meals in little restaurants and cafes across the state. Not your chain restaurant types!

But not only is there a lot to see, but a lot to do. Kayaking, Canoeing or tubing down the Niobrara River, Loup Rivers, Dismal River and Cedar River. If you don’t know what tanking is, ask and we will tell! State Parks and Recreation areas offer camping, swimming, fishing hiking and biking across the state. There are hiking trails in almost every part of the state, also biking on paved or off road trails dot the state. Several cities offer horse racing throughout the year.

Nebraska has a lot to offer in it’s small towns and villages, and most certainly in the larger cities of Omaha and Lincoln. We like to think we are a well kept secret here! Rural America (Nebraska) is one of those places that within 10 minutes you can be out of town, driving and taking in fresh air, blue sky and beautiful scenery you didn’t know existed here.

We hope to share those experiences with you, and offer insight in what Nebraska has to offer all of us. Ask us what, when, where or how. We offer maps at the bottom of most articles or pages showing the location. Thank you.

The Nebraskabackroads Staff

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